Thursday, August 19, 2010

Save Money by Leasing a Car in Europe

Looking for the best rate for a car rental in Europe? If you need a car for more than three weeks, a lease may be the more economical option.

You can lease a new car for as short a period as 17 days; however it usually works out better than a rental when you lease for a month or more. These lease options are only available to people who live outside the European Union and visiting (not working) in the Union for more than 185 days in a twelve month period.

Car rentals often have a lot of additional charges added on top of the rental fees whereas leased cars usually include:
• Unlimited kilometres
• Full insurance in 43 countries
• No additional driver charges
• No upper age limit
• 24 hour roadside assistance
• Full factory warranty
• 34 delivery/return centres in Europe.

The two main buy back car leasing options are Peugeot and Renault. Check them out and save some money.

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