Thursday, August 19, 2010

Save Money by Leasing a Car in Europe

Looking for the best rate for a car rental in Europe? If you need a car for more than three weeks, a lease may be the more economical option.

You can lease a new car for as short a period as 17 days; however it usually works out better than a rental when you lease for a month or more. These lease options are only available to people who live outside the European Union and visiting (not working) in the Union for more than 185 days in a twelve month period.

Car rentals often have a lot of additional charges added on top of the rental fees whereas leased cars usually include:
• Unlimited kilometres
• Full insurance in 43 countries
• No additional driver charges
• No upper age limit
• 24 hour roadside assistance
• Full factory warranty
• 34 delivery/return centres in Europe.

The two main buy back car leasing options are Peugeot and Renault. Check them out and save some money.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Favourite Ontario Beach

If you think this beach is on Cape Cod or a tropical island, you’re wrong. This beautiful, sandy beach is Ontario’s own Long Point, a peninsula in Lake Erie, 45 km southwest of Simcoe.

Public beaches and a provincial park are located on this sandy spit. A United Nations recognized biosphere reserve, these sandy dunes and marshes are home to birds, fish, turtles and frogs. They are also rest stops for migrating birds in the spring and fall.

This week, the water was bathtub warm, probably because it’s shallow and you must walk a long way before it reaches your neck; ideal for young kids or just floating around on a blow-up mattress.

Long Point is the perfect place to spend a day or camp for awhile.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Packing with Eagle Creek

I enjoy travelling but I hate to pack and unpack. However, I’ve found something that makes the whole process a little easier. I love the Eagle Creek Pack-It system.

There are a number of different products in this system but my favourites are the folders and cubes.

I usually bring two folders on my travels; one for my tops and shorts and another for dresses, skirts and pants. I fold my clothes around the plastic board, so that the clothing is evenly stacked inside the folder, then when I need to take something out, I just slide the board into the stack above the top (or bottoms) I want to wear, and lift up. Your clothing and travel gear remain neatly folded and organized.

I find the cubes handy for my underwear, socks, bathing suits and accessories.

There are other brands available and space systems, but the affordable Pack-It system is my personal favourite.

The best part about using this type of system is that even if your suitcase falls apart, all its contents stay together.

Eagle Creek products can be found in many stores where luggage is sold. For supplier locations and more information, check out Eagle Creek's Web Site.