Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off to Quebec City

Tough times call for creative measures.

Recently my family had to spring for a new roof which ate up the summer vacation budget. Being a travel addict, I knew I needed to think out of the box to get a trip fix.

Next week, I’ll be a volunteer chaperone on my son’s grade 8 school trip to Quebec City. I’m pretty excited. The agenda is action packed, the teachers are fun and interesting people, the students are a relatively well behaved group and I love Quebec City.

If you too are trying to come up with a way to travel on the smallest of budgets, let me recommend a great book called You Can Travel Free by Robert William Kirk. The book was written twelve years ago but still is great for helping you come up with current free travel opportunities. Kirk’s ideas open the doors to unique and innovative ways to see the world. Flexibility and an open mind are required if you take this route.

To order the book, you need to go on line. Try

In the mean-time, watch for my next posts from Quebec City.

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