Thursday, June 24, 2010

Even More Experiences of a Grade 8 Chaperone- Quebec City

Day 3

6:45am- I wake to an overcast, rainy day.

7:45am- Everyone behaves in a civilized manner at breakfast.

8:45am- We board the bus and visit Chez Marie for some fresh baked bread and delicious maple butter.

9:45am- We arrive at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. We are instructed to be very quiet when in the Basilica because mass is going on in the sanctuary. You can tell the adults are a little concerned about keeping a large group of fourteen year olds quiet.

The kids were wonderful. Respectful and soft spoken. The church was beautiful.

11:00am- Lunch time.

12:15 pm- We stop at the house that was the inspiration/replica for the Adam’s Family home and take some great pictures. It’s actually up for sale!

Next we visit Atelier Pare where we learn a bit about the French Canadian sculptor and legends.

The rain actually stopped for our visit to St.-Anne Canyon. The canyon and waterfalls were beautiful. They reminded me of Athabaska Falls in the Rockies. The kids enjoyed the suspension bridges.

2:15pm- We returned to hotel to rest and clean up for our big final night. We go to a Chinese buffet for supper, then on to the big dance on the boat. I can hear the girls busily getting dressed and putting on their make-up; brings back memories.

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