Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adventures of a Grade 8 Chaperon-Quebec City

Day 2

6:00am- Alarm rings. I slept through the night but there had been one disturbance at about 1:15am. A group of boys had been making crank calls to the front desk.

7:00am- My son refuses to make eye contact at breakfast. That’s ok, he’s acting like a typical 14 year old.
The hot and cold buffet is quite good. There’s a choice of many items including crepes, yogurt, cereal, bacon, sausages, home fries, scrambled eggs, pain au chocolat, juice and lots of fruit.
I sighted our bus driver at breakfast. Hopefully this means our bus is fixed or else it will be an extra long walking tour of Quebec City.

8:00am- We head out to Quebec City. It’s overcast but warm. We tour the Citadel. After a re-enactment (without weapons) of the battle on the Plains of Abraham, we meet our local tour guide. As she begins her tour some of the girls notice a used condom on the street and start to squeal. Some of the boys kick it which makes them squeal even more….We move the tour to another location.

Noon: After touring the upper and lower city we have free time. I grab a quick bite and savour the atmosphere in the lower town and check out the inside (and ghost stories) of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

2:00pm-We meet up to tour Chateau Frontenac. The students are tired and some of the guys are restless. My son informs me that I have been well behaved so far.

3:00pm-Free time again. I walk the Chateau boardwalk, taking in the views and return to the old town. I discover a shop selling French linens. The prices are a lot higher than they were in France. I guess to save money, I should go back to France to purchase my linens….hmmm, I wonder if my husband would buy that viewpoint.

4:30pm-We take the bus to the Sugar Shack. It’s an hour and a half drive. Many of the kids (and I) fall asleep.

6:00pm- We arrive at La Cabane a Pierre (the Sugar Shack). After a short tour and explanation of the maple syrup process we head into the cedar log cabin hall for supper. A band performs lively French Canadian tunes while students play on the spoons.
Supper is served family style at the tables. Our feast included pea soup, sausages, ham, potatoes, eggs, baked beans, tourtiere which we drizzle with maple syrup. Yum.
Soon everyone was up and dancing to the chicken dance, Makarena and YMCA. What a hoot!
We all had maple syrup toffee served from troughs of snow before driving back to our hotel.

10:43pm- It’s pretty quiet in the halls. I think their pooped. What a fabulous day.

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