Friday, January 22, 2010

Choose the Best Reward Cards for You

One of the best ways to save your travel buck is by using reward points.

If you haven't already done so, join a travel reward program, or two...or more.

There are many travel reward cards out there: credit card and consumer incentive programs (ie AirMiles). You can often double dip by using an AirMiles card while paying with your reward credit card. You have to admit, there is something beautiful about massing credits for free flights while you purchase things you need to buy anyways.

It's surprising how fast those points can add up. My family of four have flown three times to Hawaii, once to Europe and around the country just buying groceries and gas on credit cards!

When choosing, remember not all cards are created equal and what one family considers a benefit, may not be as big a deal for another.

Some of my favourite credit cards have a membership fee. However, when you use your credit card for almost everything you buy, it more than pays for itself with practically free flights, (you still have to pay taxes and some fees on flights). The best part is that some of these cards include different types of travel insurance that could easily cost you hundreds of dollars if purchased separately.

Take caution, you must always pay your card off in full or the interest fees will devour your travel budget.

The important thing is choosing the correct travel incentive credit card for your family's situation. Reward Canada's site is my favourite place to start the research. It's a wealth of information including timely articles and a Travel Credit Card Comparison Chart. Once you get onto the site, click on Program info. Other countries may have the same sort of site, just google Travel Credit Card Comparison.

Now get going, and start collecting those points.

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